Our Team – Dr Johannes Wessolly

Miskawaan Health Group was co-founded by Dr. Johannes Wessolly and Entrepreneur Mr David Boehm. Dr Wessolly sits on the Medical and Scientific Advisory Board.

Dr. Johannes Wessolly – Leading the Path to Holistic Wellness

Meet Dr Johannes Wessolly, a distinguished member of the Miskawaan Health Group’s medical team and a trailblazer in the field of holistic wellness. With over 30 years of expertise, Dr Wessolly is a former anesthetist who has embraced the integration of naturopathic therapy and cutting-edge diagnostics to create personalized prevention and treatment plans for his patients.

A Renowned Speaker and Educator

Dr Wessolly’s passion for advancing healthcare extends beyond his clinical practice. He is a highly sought-after speaker at specialist congresses and seminars, where he shares his profound knowledge and experience with fellow doctors. Notably, Dr Wessolly conducts training programs both in Germany and abroad, empowering other medical professionals with innovative approaches to wellness.

Qualifications that Speak of Excellence

Dr Johannes Wessolly’s qualifications exemplify his commitment to excellence in medical practice:

  • Degree in Medicine from the esteemed Eberhard Karl University in Tuebingen.
  • State examination and license to practice medicine from the University Hospital in Tuebingen.
  • Qualification in emergency medicine.
  • Qualification in hyperbaric medicine, overseeing the Lueneburg and Soltau Compression Chamber Centre.
  • Qualification in naturopathy, embracing holistic healing principles.
  • Training in orthomolecular medicine, emphasizing nutritional therapy.
  • ESAAM exam: European Diploma in Preventive and Anti-Aging Medicine, showcasing his expertise in holistic longevity approaches.

A Champion of Professional Organizations

Dr Wessolly’s commitment to advancing medical knowledge is reflected in his active memberships in prestigious organizations:

  • GSAAM (German Society for Anti-Aging Medicine)
  • FOM (Forum for Orthomolecular Medicine)
  • DGE (German Society for Nutrition)
  • NTDM (Naturopathy in Medicine)
  • GTÜM (German Society for Diving and Hyperbaric Medicine)
  • WOSAAM (World Society of Anti-Aging Medicine)
  • HIS (International Hormone Society)
  • Join Dr. Wessolly on Your Path to Wellness

Dr Johannes Wessolly’s dedication to providing visionary healthcare and lifelong well-being is at the heart of Miskawaan Health’s mission. As a member of our esteemed medical advisory board, he continues to shape innovative treatment approaches, guiding our global medical team towards transformative patient experiences.

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