Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

General Questions:

What is Miskawaan Health Group (MHG)?

MHG is a full-service functional medicine clinic that empowers you to understand your unique healthcare profile to achieve optimal health and prevent illness.

What is our treatment philosophy?

Our guiding principle is to balance your immune system, thus helping your body help itself. Our philosophy is to give life to years versus years to life. Our mission or aim is to help you grow old healthily.

What is MHG’s mission?

Our mission is to provide you with the best diagnostic testing and treatments to help you age with vitality to achieve lifelong well-being. We do this by using our individualized treatment protocols which have been pioneered over a period of 20 years by Dr. Johannes Wessolly of Germany. The protocols are also endorsed by Dr. Charlie Teo and Dr. Ross Walker of Australia.

How does MHG achieve its mission?

We do this by the latest innovative diagnostic testing and then implementing individualised treatment protocols pioneered over 20 years by Dr Johannes Wessolly of Germany and endorsed by Dr Charlie Teo and Dr Ross Walker of Australia.

What makes Miskawaan’s Health Group’s brand of healthcare visionary?

MHG provides visionary healthcare by combining naturopathic therapy concepts with cutting-edge diagnostics and analysis. This approach is holistic and takes into account your whole individual health circumstances. We find the root causes of illness and use functional medicine to treat it using natural therapies. This is where we are visionary. We don’t just treat symptoms; we like to get to the root cause when treating an ailment.

What happens during the initial consultation?

During your initial consultation, our Doctors will address the following:

  • What’s preventing you from looking and feeling your best?
  • Chronic or acute medical conditions that require immediate attention
  • Health aspirations, such as aging with vitality or weight loss.
  • Your health and wellness challenges, such as decreasing energy or chronic pain
  • A family history of physical and mental illness.

Questions about Reservations and Bookings:

How do I book?

To make an appointment for any of our comprehensive diagnostics or for a private consultation with our doctors, please fill in your preferences in the booking options below. Please contact us directly at [email protected].

How can I make a payment?

We accept all major credit cards (VISA, MASTER, AMERICAN EXPRESS) or bank transfers before appointments. The payment should be made before treatment commences. We will present you with the treatment invoice prior to treatment. You can pay with a credit card or make a transfer to the relevant bank account. Interest-free installments may be available with specific credit cards and treatments; please contact us to discuss this further.

Can I get a discount from your prices?

Occasionally, we create specific offers and promotions during the year. Please contact us to know more about our current offers and promotions, sign up for our newsletter, or follow our social media profiles to receive the latest price news as soon as we release them.

Can I have a late check-out from the Miskawaan Health Clinic in Koh Samui?

The time of check-in is after 12:00 pm and check-out is before 12:00 pm. We will try our best to make arrangements depending on the availability of the center on that day.

What is the difference between The MHG clinics in Bangkok, Hong Kong, Germany, Vienna, and the Wellbeing retreat?

The majority of treatments and programs are available in all of our clinics (Bangkok, Hong Kong, Germany, and Vienna) on an outpatient plan basis. These outpatient plans have access to the latest diagnostics and therapies. MHG Wellbeing Retreat on Koh Samui, also known as the Miskawaan Health Rehabilitation and Immune Center, is a fully serviced medical center with private villas set on the Thai island of Koh Samui. The features include access to diagnostic and functional medicine therapies as well as a full-time wellness and education program featuring daily classes of yoga, fitness, mindfulness meditation, healthy food, and beverages and education workshops to understand the nature of your health challenges and inspire you to make life-changing decisions when you return home.

What is your refund policy?

  • All cancellations must be received in detailed writing.
  • Reservation cancellation request (via telephone or directly) must be accepted and processed based on availability.
  • Cancellations 7 days prior to arrival will be charged a 25% penalty of total reservation charges.
  • All cancellation charges are subject to a 7% fee.
  • No Shows: No-shows will be charged a 50% penalty for the entire reservation.
  • Early Departures: Early departures will be fully charged for the entire reservation.

How long is the treatment?

MHG has a long and proud history of assisting and sponsoring treatment plans and programs for those who are in need, but we cannot guarantee in every circumstance. Please contact us to discuss your health requirements in more detail.

Is there any scholarship help available?

Not at this time.

What should I take to the Miskawaan Retreat on Koh Samui?

  • A blank notebook, journal, pens, pencil, and highlighter.
  • If you take any prescription medications, bring enough to last for the length of your stay. Please keep your prescriptions in their original container, do not mix prescription medications.
  • Please bring flip-flops or shower shoes for use in our showers if you desire.
  • Comfortable clothes and clothes for yoga and fitness.
  • Some sports shoes (trainers) for walking and fitness.
  • Feel free to bring any over-the-counter medications, vitamins, and supplements that you are taking.
  • You are welcome to bring an iPod or digital music player. Feel free to use them in your room, the Fitness Room, and outside while walking.
  • We have a safe for valuable items.
  • There is nothing specific you need to bring, just comfortable clothing for yoga, meditation, exercise classes, etc. Some sports shoes (trainers) for walking, sun cream, a bikini, and a good book for when you are chilling out on the beach.
  • Swimsuit for daily pool/sea/infrared sauna.
  • Hat/cap.
  • Wet weather jacket (we train in the rain).
  • Toiletries
  • Sunglasses
  • Casual clothing for dinner/evenings.