Our Philosophy

Your health is personal, and something we treat with the utmost care

Your Journey Is Driven by Our Treatment Philosophy and the MHG Way

Our curative approach to healthcare involves getting to the root cause of the disease or ailment that you are suffering from and treating beyond its symptoms. We also look to calm and strengthen your immune system to allow your body to protect and heal itself. We look at healthcare from an integrated perspective and believe in treating you as a person, not a diagnosis. As such, we developed our treatment model, “The MHG Way”.

Your path to excellent health is a long-term journey, not a sprint. Whether your goals are in preventative healthcare, enhancing athletic performance, disease support, or improving your quality of life, our doctors can help you outline a plan on how to achieve them.

The Miskawaan Health Group (MHG) Way

See below for how we compare to conventional clinics

Conventional Clinic

Miskawaan Health Centers


  • Limited Doctor Consultation
  • Insufficient Attention to Root Causes (Symptoms Focused)
  • Examine a health problem from a specialised perspective
  • 60+ Minutes Doctor Consultation
  • Strong Focus on Root Causes
  • Examine a health problem from an integrative perspective


  • Use of chemical drugs
  • Generic Solution
  • Treatment at home
  • Use of natural substances (supplements & infusions)
  • Personalized solution based on clients’s lab results
  • Treatment at Miskawaan Health Clinic & home


  • Reply on chemical drugs
  • Side effects from long term chemical drugs
  • Aging with compromised quality of life
  • Reduce or eliminate clients’s use of chemical drugs
  • Free from chemical drugs side effects
  • Aging with maximum, if not optimal quality of life